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Responsive Design/Leading Edge Web Design

I will build your site using Responsive, or Fluid, Design techniques. This means that your site will look great on a large TV screen all the way down to a small cell phone screen. No need to make several versions of the same thing for different devices. Your site will work properly on all formats. This is really important since many professionals and the majority of younger people use their cell phones exclusively.

The process is quite simple. It requires minimal attention on your part, just a couple of meetings to gather your preferences and subsequent approvals, and you can get on with your daily activities. I will set up the design on your site through a password-enabled portal. That way you can log-in anytime you want to see progress and the public will not see it until it is released on your approval. Once you provide me with all of the content, and depending on my commitments, I can design and build your site in a matter of days.

If you are concerned about getting the content together and being able to write something up that reads well, you are not alone. Providing content is the hardest work for most people. Don't let that keep you from launching a web presence. As an added service, I can interview you, gather up the information that you want on your site, and write it for you.