About Highlands Host

Owner & Operator – Anne Alden


Hello! My name is Anne Alden and I am a Graphic and Interactive Designer. I am the owner of Highlands Host and Anne Alden Design. I build Responsive Web Sites using leading-edge Web Design and Development and teach classes on these subjects as well as others. What does this all mean? It means I have the skills to design custom web sites that look great on any size screen, put them up on the internet, keep an eye on them for performance and security, and teach people who want to know how it all works.



I have a BFA in Visual Communications from Northwest College of Art & Design and keep up with the ever changing world of internet design and development by taking ongoing, specialized courses.  I have a real passion for writing code and love my job! I pride myself on providing excellent service to those that trust in me to build and host their web sites. Need references? No problem. My online design portfolio and resume’ can be found at annealden.com.

I Specialize in Personal and Small Business Web Sites.


I specialize in personal and small business web sites because I feel they have the greatest need for my services. More and more these days, businesses are found only through online searches. That is just the way it is. Generations of people solely use their computers and smart phones to connect with the world around them. I feel that small businesses are not getting the attention they deserve due to budgeting constraints and by not knowing how to get online. If they do take a chance, they are so often frustrated by the process that they sometimes give up. They can also wind up paying for services that they do not need. That is not only an unpleasant experience, but one that could unbalance the books! I can help indivuals and small businesses get the internet attention that they want, without all of the hair pulling and rending of flesh, and within budget.

Why Share This Information? Don’t I Want the Business?


I know that there are a lot of DIYers out there, including those that want to give this internet business a try for themselves. I am one myself! My own experiences with online tutorials and customer service calls have been very disappointing, to say the least negative thing possible. So, I totally get the frustrating aspect of trying to get on the internet, believe me.

If you are a DIYer, I will do my best to teach you how to go about it with the least amount of frustration. There are little tricks here and there that may make the experience of making a web page and getting it launched on the web a little bit easier. I cannot get too detailed on any specific host service that you may choose, since they all have their own ways of doing things, but I will do my best to get close. As a former DIYer and now professional designer, it gives me satisfaction to share my knowledge, especially if it will help someone be more successful. Plus, each time I teach something, I learn something. It helps me, too.

And honestly, I do want your business. Once I explain how it all works, about half of the people will decide that they just aren’t interested in getting involved that much and will ask me to do it for them. The bonus is that you will now understand what I am talking about when I discuss the different phases of design, development, and hosting. You will be better connected with what is going on and know where I should be in the process at any given time. What about those DIYers that stick it out?  I don’t mind pointing you in the right direction. After all, the internet is a great big place, and there is room for everyone.