Search Engine Optimization is a term that is mentioned quite regularly these days, but what is it? It is a lot of things, but at its core it means that optimizing your site's content makes it easier to be found by potential customers. There are several initial steps that can be taken that will enhance your site's SEO without adding costs.

First ⇔ Engage Your Audience

This is by far the most important action, your content should be interesting and engaging in order to attract visitors. The average time spent on any site by a person is less than a minute unless they find something that captures their attention. Engage them and they will be back, which may correlate to money spent, and they may also refer their friends.

Talk about your products or services, tell people why you are in your particular business and why you are so passionate about it. Run a contest or place some fun videos. What do you like to see on a web site? What interests you enough to spend time on a site? Maybe try a Landing Page?

Second ⇔ Meta Keywords & Titling

"Meta" means information that is hidden within the file, (not seen by visitors) that is read by search engines and browsers. Each meta keyword means one more search opportunity. Meta keywords used to be exaggerated with names of Hollywood stars, etc. to try to get search engine hits, but now these engines are really, really smart and will compare them to your specific content. So, back again to the importance of content.

The title of each page is important. This means the title of the site and page, plus the meta title that reflects this information, just like keywords. Most search engines will display the first couple of lines of a page when results are viewed. These will include the meta title and the first one or two lines on your page. Hint: The meta title is a great place to put in a phone number so that it comes up right on the search page.

Third ⇔ Google Analytics (GA) & Marketing Options

The installation of Google Analytics helps your site get noticed by Google right away. (See the FAQ/Learn More page to find out more about GA) It's all related. There are also a huge assortment of paid ads that are available from Google (called adwords) and other marketing businesses. There is just about anything for everyone's budget. I always ask my clients to try all of the above techniques first, before paying for ads. Unless you really know that you want paid advertising, then I will certainly help you get it.

Fourth ⇔ Social Media

Interaction with Social Media can certainly boost your site. Do you have a lot of Facebook friends? What about Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, InstaGram, LinkedIn, Behance, etc. Links to all of these sites can certainly make a difference if they are sites that you participate in. In fact, if you don't really want to update your new web site and want me to make a "hands-off" site, you can always post content on Facebook that is an enhancement to your main site. This is not such a good idea if these links are just put there as "show" and send your audience to a site with images of cute pets. You've lost them then, unless that is what your site is all about. The possibilities are endless.